Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday May 4, 2001

Oh...or maybe I should say OMG, I just created a Blog!  So if you are reading will see I have not created anything but words...but words are so strong!  So what have I been thinking about blogging on....simple...after seeing a segment on the Today show yesterday about AWESOME...and thinking about what we do as a family every night..."what was your favorite part of the day" to each child and my hubby...I decided it was time to take into account the wonderful things that blanket my world.  And try not to worry too much about things I can't control....especially with two 5 year olds and a 7 year old!  I want to journal, captures, whatever we may call it (and yes this site will evolve!) what makes me happy, "what is playing on my mind"!  I will say off the bat...don't look to hard at my grammar or spelling ...its not a strength of mine but I'm working on it!  So let's get started....again...thinking this will evolve but I'm a lists person by nature.... so let's do lists this morning!

What's Playing on My Mind....
1.  My dog didn't snore last night...I had a good restful sleep!
2.  My daughters elementary cookbook (which she illustrated a picture in!) is fabulous!  I can't wait to try some new recipes!
3.  I love my Mom Agenda calendar book...the creator of this baby is wise!!!
4.  The smile on my daughter's face this morning as she begged to get up at 6am (yes its broad daylight in WI at 5:30am now)
5.  Ticonderoga pencils...gosh they really are good pencils!
6.  And yes...I love music but I must admit I need to venture out a bit more of my comfort zone!   I am going to download J Lo's new album today!

Wishing you a fabulous Wednesday and looking forward to more What's Playing on My Mind posts ...let's see how this works out!

The Best To YOU!
Laura G

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  1. Yeah for you Laura!! I have a feeling you are going to love blogging! OK, on #1~did your hubby snore? #2 yeah for Miss B! #3 I use my Blackberry for everything and wold die if I lost it!! 4. What's going on with the early wake up time? #5 I agree 100% #6 Let me know how you like her album!!

    Great job on your first post! I hope you can sleep tonite!! hugs, Cathy