Thursday, May 12, 2011

Brutally Honest....

I've had some people ask me why I've started a blog.  I wrote down a lot of's my creative outlet.  It's something for me to do while I'm working on what else I'm going to do with my career, it's another way  for me to connect to the outside world, ....yada yada, yada...BUT if I'm being brutally's simple.  I need to be reminded of the absolutely wonderful life I have.  There are moments of my days that I was dwelling on the small insignificant things that might have been nagging at my mind.  So after a spiritual journal class I took, I decided it was time to exercise my thoughts.  My thoughts needed some good weight lifting to muscle out those negative Nelly's that might creep in now and then!  So I began.  Now I also love music and have always journaled and thought about why it always effects me so.  To that I'm not sure, but I do know it (music!) has such emotion that carries me through my day.  Put a good tune on and its pure magic for the spirit!  Your thoughts carry that same nudge...if I start out with wonderful things "playing on my mind" there shouldn't be any obstacles that weigh me down!  So on with life and a little of the wonderful things playing on my mind today....

  • Atlas Mill - Appleton, WI  Wonderful window river views to contemplate life while sipping your favorite morning drink.   Love this place!
  • Birthdays - for the young, the old and all of us in-between!
  • Tul Pens - Lovely, just lovely pens
  • Purses (yes really!) because I have a lot of life to carry with me or I can switch to a small purse and reveal the simple/low maintenance side of me (which no one seems to believe!)
  • Snooze buttons - because I really did need that extra 10 minutes today.
  • Bird feeders - because we have 4 new bird types visiting us this spring and I love to watch them at 5:45a with a good cup of coffee
  • My Jennifer Lopez "Love" download because the music brings a new spring in my workouts
  • Allergy medicine - its just that time of year 
  • My grumpy Bailee in the morning - because it teaches me that we all are individuals with different needs.  I need to give her lots of patience and love in the AM (along with a good jolt of coffee prior to our meeting!)
  • Lastly for today...Patios as they invite us to be outdoors to take in what mom nature as belted out for the day!
Enjoy your day my friends, I'm am :-)


  1. Bailee?? Grumpy in the morning???? Who knew??!! OK. . .you and I need to collaborate. . .because I have had some writings of this nature brewing in my head as well . . . I think we need to write a book together!! =) I LOVE your thoughts=)